The Bridge – Egypt

The Bridge – Egypt

We’re delighted to be working with Gadalla Tiab, Pastor of the East Worthing Baptist Church in West Sussex and the Arabic Community Church, Brighton, to develop important aspects of his ministry in Egypt. We were privileged to travel with him last year, meeting Church leaders and visiting Christian residential centres from Alexandria to Luxor in the Upper Nile Region. The ministry includes some really exciting projects.

The distribution of micro loans enables individuals to build sustainable pathways out of poverty and build bridges in their local community.


Providing sports competitions which build bridges between the Christian and Muslim community, encouraging young men from both communities to come together for positive shared experiences in sport.


Establishing networking and training events, building relationships which will provide friendship and lasting support to evangelical pastors and their families, living in challenging and often remote villages throughout the Nile Valley.  


Check out the short video about The Bridge – Egypt here.

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