Look for your Mountainside (Luke 6:12)

Take a moment on the mountainside… (Luke 6:12)

There are a number of points in the Gospels where we read about Jesus seeking out a place of solitude, usually to pray. To me, this one is particularly special. It’s a critical moment in the story. We’re reminded that there were always more than twelve disciples. Luke 6:17 speaks of a ‘large crowd of disciples.’ A large group of men and women who were part of His life. They were convinced that he was someone special. They had made the decision to follow him. This is the point in the story when Jesus is ready to make a decision. Perhaps the biggest decision of his leadership. Faced with this crucial moment – this crucial decision – Jesus looks for that place of solitude.

‘One of these nights, Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray. When morning came, he called His disciples to Him and chose twelve of them.’ Luke 6:12Jesus didn’t just select twelve disciples. He selected the right twelve disciples. The ones who had the right potential. The ones who were right for the job. Before He made His decision, he found some space – a place where he could be alone – to be with God. To touch base with God. To talk to God. To listen to God. After praying, Jesus showed incredible wisdom in His selection. Divine wisdom. The wisdom which is a gift from God.

As a Christian, there can be no greater role model than Jesus.

When you are facing a challenge, a decision, or a critical point in your life, take a moment. Before moving forward, look for the place where you can be alone with God. Look for your place where you can be alone. Look for your mountainside. Take time to be with God. To touch base with God. To speak to God. To listen to God. Ask for His wisdom. Divine wisdom. The wisdom which is a gift from God.

Richard Jackson is the former Executive Director of Family Foundations Trust and is an international coach with CCI Worldwide. He is working out what it might mean to be a contemplative evangelical.

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