Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday Reflection

‘As we draw closer to Easter, the Christian Church celebrates some significant steps in the life of Jesus, including His entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. A great crowd welcomed Jesus to the city as their king, but importantly, not everyone understood the kind of king he would be. Many hoped that he had come to forcefully rid Israel of the occupying Roman army, but it soon became clear that Jesus was a very different type of king.

In recent weeks, we have recognised afresh that we live in an unpredictable and sometimes very violent world. We cry out for immediate change for the better. We might call out to God for  powerful saviour – someone who will forcefully and immediately make everything right. Like some in that Jerusalem crowd, we easily miss who Jesus really is. Rather than forcing political change, the real Jesus invites each of us to be personally transformed by His love, offering us His Gospel of peace, hope and justice. This is the real Jesus – this is our King.’

(First Published in the West Sussex County Times, 7th April 2022)

Richard Jackson is the former Executive Director of Family Foundations Trust and is an international coach with CCI Worldwide. He is working out what it might mean to be a contemplative evangelical.  


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